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The project team, consisting of highly competent employees, focuses on the unique needs of the clients in terms of facility functionality, optimisation of internal production and warehouse processes and operating costs.


During the first project stage, the client has the final say.

The role of the project team is to understand the client’s internal production and logistics processes and to advise on the design of the facility space and the technologies that will optimise future operating costs.

The first stage aims to create a conceptual design for the investment, taking into account a number of the client’s requirements, in particular with regard to:

  • optimising the use of storage space
  • optimising the production process
  • adapting the space to the technical conditions of the business operations
  • optimising the functionality of the amenity and office areas
  • optimising external communication

During the second project stage,

The project team prepares the construction project based on the
conceptual design approved by the client and prepares the construction
work front.

During the third project stage, the construction process is being
implemented by contractors specialising in their field

The project team focuses on controlling the implementation of each stage of construction and the entire construction process is crowned with obtaining an occupancy permit for the building.

During the fourth stage, the facility is handed over to the client

During the fourth stage, the project team hands over the facility to the client and trains the client’s staff in the use of any technical equipment installed in the facility.

During the term of the rental agreement with the client, an individual account manager is appointed within the structure of BTS - Development, responsible for client services and in particular for:

  • carrying out periodic technical inspections of equipment installed in the facility
  • removing immediately any possible defects or damages in the facility
  • implementing the modernisation of the facility, as requested by the client